Sarah's Bio:

Sarah was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio to a long family line of teachers.  She has a Bachelors in Music Ed – Piano Performance and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling.  Sarah is married to David, a pastor, and they live in Indiana with their 6 wildly amazing children and 4 stinky dogs.   She teaches voice, piano and violin lessons.  She loves listening to people’s stories – on her couch and on the phone and over coffee.  The stories have inspired her to continue learning about how God’s grace redeems our wounding.  Sarah enjoys nature, reading, hiking, snuggling with her kids, getting away from her kids, singing Disney songs, going to counseling to untangle her brain, listening to audiobooks and podcasts while doing mountains of laundry, and studying Neurobiology every chance she gets.  She is a mess, but she is learning to rest in Abba’s strong arms. You can find more of her too many words at www.sarahfry.info.