My Love/Hate Relationship with Camping

by sarahmfry, August 11, 2018

So I mentioned that my extended family went camping together.  It was wonderful.  And exhausting.  But totally worth it.

I loved moments like these:

But the STUFF!  Granted - it was a huge group of us, with 6 tents and around 18 people.  But there was a freakish amount of stuff.  Just saying.

And as peaceful as tents look....getting 4 boys to settle down and go to sleep with all the diapers and bugs and drama and anxiety and mud.  It's a thing.  Not a peaceful thing.  An 11:00pm I'm-pretty-sure-I'm-ok-if-we-never-do-this-again thing.

So now, after about 10 years and years of my little quiet pity party moments because we don't camp anymore and our kids are missing out and what awesome family experiences we could be having.  

I'm like..."Wait a second.  Maybe an air-conditioned Priceline hotel with white sheets isn't so bad. Maybe it's time to sell the camping gear.  I'm tireder than I used to be.  And we have more kids than we used to!"  

And David is all...."I'm planning a huge camping trip for next summer out west to like 45 National parks!"   

"Let's make a list of all the things we need to be shopping for."  

And I'm like...."10 days of camping sounds terrifyingly exhausting."

And he's like "It's in my blood now. I've already bought the maps." (grinning sheepishly cuz he knows all those years I've tried to get him to go camping...)

 And I'm like  "Great." 

Be careful what you wish for, girls!

Photo by Matthew Sleeper 


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