Season of the Soul

by sarahmfry, October 29, 2017

“I notice that Autumn is more
the season of the soul than of nature.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Photo by Cala

I love autumn so much.  When I walk outside and the chilly air hits me, it actually baffles me how much instantly happens inside me.  Melancholy.  Excitement.  Longing.  Comfort. Memories.  Futures.   (It's all pretty confusing, come to think of it. I should stay inside more)   It carries the promise of the Christmas season.  It ushers in coziness.  In our family, that means fires, hot chocolate, cuddles on the couch under blankets.  It means dark mornings and dark evenings.  Which is great on weekends and awful on school days. 

One wonderful thing it does for me is reminds me to make our home a haven.  Reminds me to sit and snuggle and read and taste and smell. 

And as crazy as it is around here in these months, it reminds me to slow. 


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