Author:  Thomas Brown
38 pages
Format:  Kindle ($4.99)

This is not written particularly well, which was a little shocking, coming from a guy who claims to be able to read a book a day.  It seems that, perhaps, this gentleman's first language is not English.  BUT.  I gleaned some great tips from this tiny, quick read.

You don't have to read every book word-for-word.  You can glean the nuggets of a book without spending hours and hours. You look over a book 3 times, using these 3 steps.

1.  Preview: (5-10 minutes)
Look at the
     * Title
     * Table of Contents
     *Copyright date (He actually says "Copy write date."  Yikes!  Drives me bonkers!!!)
     * Author
     * Read the first and the last paragraphs of each chapter throughout the book.

2.  Overview:  (15-30 minutes)
     * Go somewhere like Wikipedia to read a summary
     * Power Skim (quickly skim each page and note headings, subheadings and phrases that pop out to you.
     * Read the first sentence of each page and skim everything else or read the first paragraph of each page.

3.  Actual Reading (60 minutes)
He says that you already have an understanding of the main points of the book, so reading and retention are higher.
     * Divide the read into 20 or 30 minute sessions
     * Slow down on the first sentences
     * Identify the main content chapter and read it slower
     * look for the 1-2 main ideas or golden nuggets of the book
     * move your hand down the page to encourage faster reading

So...there are some interesting ideas.  I have noticed that sometimes the unfinished books on my shelf are books from which I have already gleaned the big idea, and am having trouble slogging through the extra words.  So in that way, these ideas sound somewhat helpful to me.  I like the idea he suggests of just picking up a book out of my pile and spending 15 minutes doing the Preview (step 1), then working through one book at a time.


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