2 weeks for the price of one

in , , , by sarahmfry, January 10, 2016

This week has been such a doozy I actually had to check my calendar to be sure it had really only been one week this week! Literally...I'm serious! Monday was the first day of school and I ended up in the ER with a crazy bad bladder infection. Lots of pain..as in 6 centimeters labor pain. Came home on antibiotics and That night corin woke me up upchucking. It has worked its way through all 8 of us. On top of an especially busy ministry and home duties week. While David preached this morning I was at home watching online and praying he wouldn't have to rush off the platform! Fun times.

In the midst of the mountains of extra sick laundry I tried very hard to be productive. Still have quite a lot of Christmas cheer to put away. But I did get the boys' clothes sorted and decluttered and made some other progress.

I am trying these days to reframe my attitude about the sheer volume of homekeeping tasks.  At this stage in our lives, I cannot always have everything done. By far. It feels defeating and I do quite a lot of agonizing . So Ive been thinking that if my 60-yr-old self could talk to my 38-yr-old self, I would tell me not to waste so much energy worrying over what I cant get done. Celebrate what I do get done. Relish the 5 seconds per decade that I feel caught up. Keep being present with my family. And rest in my priorities.

So im working on it. Thanks, 60-yr-old self, for the powerful perspective reminder. You sure did an awesome job on your kids and your home and your marriage in those crazy years. You rock.

In other news...how awesomely cool is it that I can blog laying flat on my back in bed with the flu? These are the good Ole days.

We only have one bathroom in this big rambling house and it is waaaay downstairs. So during times of illness we keep buckets or bowls handy. Isn't this the cutest one ever? David thinks I'm the weirdest that I just took a picture of my just-in-case bowl.  : )


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