Kayla's 12th Birthday

by sarahmfry, June 23, 2014

Friday was a busy day.  We closed on the house at 11:00.  Walked through the house with the previous owners.  Had lunch with our awesome Realtor Itza.  Ran home to do some work and make a zebra cake.

Then we had a little house dedication at the threshold at 5:00.

Then at 6:00 we had  a sleepover at the new house to celebrate Kayla's 12th birthday (which was Thursday).  When we planned the party we didn't know that the air compressor fan wasn't going to kick on for the central air. So it was hot.  Really hot.  Sweat was pouring.  We collected all of the fans in Clinton county and carried on as if we had sense.

So five 11 and 12-year old girls showed up into our new furnace of a a house.  That, of course, brought the kid count up to 10.  And there was room to spare!  It was awesome!

 We had pizza and ate a zebra cake that looked like zebra road kill. Seriously.  It was the worst cake I have ever made in my life. You win some, you lose some.

Then daddy made us a scavenger hunt around the new neighborhood.  We broke into two teams and the race was off.

Team meetings before the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

We got this picture for the "brick chimney" and didn't realize until we got back home at the end that there were 3 items from the checklist on this pic!  Chimney, yellow flower pot and green door.  We're real observant.

We also got 3 in one in this shot!  A birdbath, a Birdhouse, and a garden hose.  Our team was awesome

A boat...

Yellow Flower Pot

A sign with an "8" on it

Then as darkness fell and the fireflies came out we went inside....Uncle Alex set up the absolute coolest giant home theater on the living room wall!   We watched a cartoon and ate the orange dreamsicles Grandma Fry brought.  And ran fans.  Lots of fans.

I'm half tempted to keep this cool home theater system, but alas when we move in the saltwater aquarium will fill up most of that west wall.  So we'll be watching on our normal 2" screen.

Then we camped out on sleeping bags. (We don't actually plan on moving in until the end of July after the drywall and painting and floors are done.)

The 7 girls had a little window air conditioner in Kayla's room.  The boys and I slept in their room with 3 fans.  David took the baby home.

Kayla rolled out her sleeping bag, crawled in and promptly fell sound asleep.  The other girls, however, did NOT!  I heard banging and talking and playing until about 3am.  And every 2 seconds a whole herd of girls went past my door to go down the stairs toward the bathroom.

Saturday morning we played in the creek.  Caiden saw a little red fox. And screamed at the mosquitoes the size of small birds.  And he worried about freshwater leeches.  So we had to google it.  Freshwater leeches are nasty, FYI.

 Then played in the park to drip-dry a little.  Our neighborhood park has a new "little library" - a box with books you can borrow anytime and return when you're done.  The boys and I sat in the gazebo and read a book.

Then - a pulled pork and apple slices lunch on my new favorite front porch. : )

After lunch, I caught the birthday girl snoozing on the front porch. : )  This girl could sleep through a hurricane.

The funny things is, when I planned Kayla's birthday party at the new house, I thought I would get a little work done while the girls had their party.  I thought I could sort through the stuff left in the house and get the 3rd floor and basement ready for moving some things in.  Yeah right!  Whatever.

But a girl only turns 12 once - and it was fun.  And really, truly exhausting.  And I decided when we have Karissa's birthday that the 9 & 10 year olds are going to bed at 9:00!   I'm way too old to stay up till 3:00am. (Karissa saw this and she's freaking.out.)  Life is so not fair.

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