Flogging from my phone?

by sarahmfry, November 06, 2013

So i realize there is a typo on my title. I left it because its actually funny to my warped sense of humor. I figured if im going to blog from my phone we all better get used to the idea that typos are gonna happen. I am missing my blog so much but my internet is on strike so i thought id try the blogger app. The verdict is still out whether or not i have the patience to type this much from my phone keypad. What i do like is that i can blog thongs as they happen. But i am already missing the quality of my real camera.

I think for my first post ill try to attach a video of Christian dancing. Ok. So that didn't work. Maybe the pretty fall pictures already on my camera will work? Otherwise you're gonna be stuck with a messy picture of my desk. That would Not be pretty. This is one of our favorite parks. It has been absolutely fabulous this fall.

Well. Im hoping this llittle app brings flogging back to my life. Haha. Dumb phone. I meant blogging!!

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