10 miler - 6/6/11

by sarahmfry, November 14, 2012

If I follow through and really get this project done, you may be seeing some strangely random, outdated, out-of-order pictures popping up on this here blog.  

I am working on updating my 2011 pictures to the blog (filling in some gaps that I didn't blog) in preparation for slurping my 2011 blog posts to a coffee table book. 

Although I doubt my ability to accomplish much on this project for awhile after baby #5 arrives, I'm glad I'm working on this, because this is the only real form of scrapbooking/memory-keeping I do.  And I'm already having trouble remembering the details and have to look back at pictures to remember dates and details.  I really want to get some of these memories recorded and printed out before too much water passes under the bridge.  We shall see.


These are running pix from a 10-mile run the morning of Caiden's Kindergarten FCA graduation.  It was part of the tapering process before our first full marathon 9 days later.   (We capped our training runs at 20 miles I think - had to look back at running pics to be sure)....then you work your way back down in mileage so that you will be well rested before the marathon.  David and I were training together, but for some reason this run was solo. 

I remember this as the day my knee really started hurting.  I know now that I TOTALLY should have aborted the 10-mile run, gone straight home, iced that baby and taken a few days off.  (You live and learn.)  It flared up during our marathon in June and was my first experience at a real running injury.  Extreemely painful.  Not fun.  And it put me out of commission for awhile after finishing the marathon with it hurting.  During my healing time, I didn't run at all from the marathon (June 11) until my next run in Honolulu in July.  My knee healed up nicely and has been good as new.  I am now older and wiser. And perhaps less dedicated, which might equal wiser. : )


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