On feeling guilty & comparison

by sarahmfry, May 02, 2012
I love the Femina blog.  It is written by a team of daughters & mother.  This gently insightful post was written by the mother (one daughter is the author of "Loving the Little Years.")

I confess I am guilty of "feeling guilty" about random, everyday non-sinful stuff.  This article helped me to think more clearly and be more careful of the terms I use.  I also think her insight into our reactions to one another is very helpful.  There is such freedom in being able to rejoice in the gifts of our sisters without comparing ourselves among ourselves.  I recently heard Dr. Alan Brown preach about this again.  If we admit that we compare ourselves with others, if can sound prideful.  But he made the point that when we compare we often come up feeling bad about ourselves, not good.

It is liberating to be free of comparison & false guilt, but it is not always easy.  And it is not necessarily something that you just conquer and then don't ever have to deal with again.  It is a renewing of the mind that is ongoing.   I have to be restful & satisfied in God while at the same time always seeking to "come further up, come further in!"  (C.S. Lewis, the Last Battle)

So many times I need God to nudge me towards His heart and remind me that I can be content and satisfied in who He is making me.  It doesn't really matter what everyone else can do, or even what they expect of me (ouch on that expectations one).  What matters is that I walk in the Light every day.   And grace.  Learning the broad, powerful truth about grace has been quite a journey for me. But oh, what a sweet comfort to know that His grace holds me as he grows me.  No longer does my salvation depend on my perfect performance.  It depends only on Him.  By grace.  Through faith.

Sometimes just a simple shift in focus can help to quiet a lot of "guilty feelings."  I have to purposefully review the priorities that are important to me.  I have to refocus on what God has called me to.  I have to rejoice in how He is growing me up.  And trust Him to handle my sisters the same way.


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