May - Pictures of Kids

by sarahmfry, October 10, 2011
(Bear with me in this randomness.  I am little by little going back through my monthly picture folders and making sure I have blogged all of the pictures that I want for my 2011 blog book.)

Corin does this for hours - kneeling beside the chair, playing with cars and trucks.

Sunday afternnoon quiet time!

I can't even remember now what busted his lip - but it sure was huge.  Looks like he fell asleep before we even got his face washed.  Sweet baby.

A Sunday Morning at Mom & Dad's house in Cincinnati.

Looks like someone was in a hurry to get dressed to come outside and play - he showed up in cords and a flannel pajama shirt.  In May.  Craziness.

More Sunday Afternoon quiet time....Note Karissa's own decorating above her top bunk...she's always and forever adding stuff to her walls.  Borders.  Pictures.  Calendar pages.  Homemade decorations.  She is going to have a blast if she ever has her very own room to decorate.

This boy is seriously kissable.

And full of it.

Caiden was doing the celery experiment

Riding his bike on Grandma Fry's deck.


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