FCA Awards Banquet 2011 (May 14)

by sarahmfry, August 28, 2011
I actually have some pretty strong differences with ACE's awards philosophy, but it is a special night that the kids love....

She's excited to be heading up there...

I love Bro. Mowery's ("Uncle Mark" to us) expression in this one.

Friends quoting Scripture together....I love the school's emphasis on Scripture memorization!
Random handsome teacher giving a speech.
Meanwhile...I let the boys spend some time playing in the adjacent room.

Guess it got a little rough...
So they had to kiss and make up.
Sorry, Bubby!

They have the banquet in a beautiful old mansion downtown Lafayette.  This place reminds me of the timeless beauty of the house I grew up in on Josephine Street.  We had chandeliers like this all over the place.


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