Home again, Home again...Jiggety Jig

by sarahmfry, July 07, 2011
It is so good to be home.  We just got back from our 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii.  And do I ever have some stories and pictures to share.  The whole earth is FULL of His glory!! But I love the beauty of Indiana, too.  And it was so wonderful to just hang out tonight with our awesome kids.  We ate brownies and homemade pizza.....David and Caiden practiced their new Ukuleles, Karissa made a huge fresh flower lei from our garden and Kayla learned how to tell Hawaiian stories with her hands. 

I just looked back at my May and June pictures and realized again that I have quite a bit of catching up to do.  BUT...I currently have to focus on unpacking , planning and organizing a VBS, a wedding to shoot this weekend, and a super-lot of pictures to organize and edit:  a bridal and 3 weddings.  Plus, I am just dying to look through and organize the thousands of pictures we took on our trip.  So...I think I need to jump in where I am.  I'll probably blog a June highlight (running our full marathon, about 2 weeks before our Hawaii trip), then just plow on through -  from Hawaii on -  and catch up later.  It's totally for us and our memory book, so you'll bear with us if you have to endure summer birthday party pictures next November.  : )

So....just popping in to say Aloha.  My body has no idea what time it is right now.  We've been through so many time zones and flights in the last 24 hours.  And we were pretty well adjusted to the 6-hour time difference.  I'm afraid I may be a bit of a zombie tomorrow.  Hope I can at least see straight to get the right settings on the oven, the washer and the dryer.  The rest is just details.

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