(Wow.  You are very patient if you've stuck with me through all of these cabin posts!  Now that I'm planning on printing my blog into an annual memory book, I'm being more careful about including things we want to remember.  Bear with me.  I'm almost through these!  Spring Break will be over soon.)

After three pretty intense work days, we decided not to start any new projects and slow down a bit on Thursday.  I enjoyed curling up and finishing One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
We enjoyed more good food together...
The kids loved making fresh orange juice (something we don't really take the time for at home)

Caiden's faces...

More nature...

The view of our cabin from the woods

Molly takes a run through the woods...

The kids love exploring within their boundaries
I had to laugh...This weekend I saw my friend Dixie.  She said she had caught up on the Spring Break posts, but I'd left her "hanging" without the final pictures.  (Oh mercy.)  I told her not to get her hopes up too high!  It's not a fancy place, by far.  But we love it and it feels cozy.

AFTER:  The master bedroom  (cabin/lodge theme)

You can't really see it here, but the robes hanging on the closet doors are cozy flannel cabin-y robes....what I wear when I get up in the night (many times!) to feed the upstairs and downstairs fires!  (David fed the fires, too...but I have a tendency to wake up more often with the kids and baby, so I'd check the fires while I was up.)

So many things in this place have a story:  The painted saw above the window has been part of this cabin for as long as I can remember.

One of our FAVORITE things to do at the cabin.....reading!!

Three cheers for Goodwill shelving and treasures!! (My dad thinks I might never quite hauling stuff out there.  8 )  Maybe I will, maybe I wont.)

Love this pillow my friend Catrena Durgan gave me!  The picture is off because our camera sensor is broken and I forgot to compensate.

A close-up of the Craigslist rugs with the new floor paint...I LOVE it. The rugs were definitely worth it - long trip, dog puke and all!  Fellow bargain-hunters, I just have to tell you that this exact rug sells for $410.00 on the lodge decor websites!  You can be quite certain I didn't pay anywhere REMOTELY near  four-hundred-dollars (oh my !!!)  And we got 3 rugs in the deal.  (happy sigh)

Oh, it was so fun to move back into the bedrooms and enjoy the fresh, clean feeling.

AFTER PICTURES:  The Girls' Room (Americana theme) 
Yes - the curtains are wacky and skewed.  And no - I don't care a great deal.  This is a cabin.  A very rustic cabin... Besides, I like wacky stuff.  I'm kinda wacky myself.

My friend Melissa Huffer made this out of an architectural remnant!

We tried to balance cuteness and practicality...The baskets are an easy place for the kids to dump their suitcases and keep their clothes cleaned up with very little effort during our cabin visits.

Thursday night Rachelle came to stay with us after she got home from Band Tour! 
The kids BEG for Aunt Chelle's amazing, wacky, imaginative bedtime stories.

Other themes/future decorating plans: 
The basement bedroom:  "Gone Fishing" theme
Bathroom:  "Birdwatching"
Upstairs greatroom:  Wildlife/Antlers Theme (In the picture above, you can barely see the huge wall mural of 3 white tailed deer that my Mom and Dad put up years ago.)

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