Let the work BEGIN!    We wanted to do some painting and freshen up two of the bedrooms.  Monday we dug in.  We finished scraping paper in the master bedroom and the girls' room.

BEFORE....(sortof) I think somewhere I have an eariler before picture.  I can remember my mom and dad basically reconstructing this room, which was a mess when they bought this place about 30 years ago....

The girls' room....BEFORE.  Everything has a story.  This bunkbed my brother bought himself with his hard-earned money when he was a kid.  It was in his room in the Josephine house (GBS)  for years before it found a new home at the Cabin.

And this wallpaper  (if it could talk....)  We loved this wallpaper.  The girls and I were sad to see it go -- yes, they inherited some of my sentimentality --  but it had put in a good 26 years of use, so it was time...
This, of course, always represented Deanna and I

And sweet little Garen II even made it into the scenes!

De, flying free on her bike with her kitty.  Oh, how she loves little kittens.  hahahahah!
It was tedious work, involving gallons of vinegar (and precious stores of water ...remember the running water wasn't available!)

One of the cool things was finding the FAMILY GRAFFITI under the wallpaper.....1985!!!  26 years ago!

Finally, all the paper was down in those two bedrooms, David did some patching and skim coating - and we let it dry before the really fun part....SANDING!


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