Nelda's March Visit

by sarahmfry, May 16, 2011

Nelda has been sort of like an adopted sister ever since I can remember.  She is "Aunt Nelda" to the kids.  Every once in awhile, she comes up from Indy to visit for some fun.  She always brings a box full of all kinds of goodies and presents.  She is one of the most gifted women I know.   She is a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), an awesome teacher, a talented artist, photographer, calligrapher, crafter, designer,  and much more.

Of course, Caiden had to demonstrate his climbing skills for Aunt Nelda

She treated the kids to an evening at Chuck-E-Cheese.  I had fun playing around with her new camera - an awesome Sony that is an upgrade from ours. Some of these pictures she took, some of them I took.  Can't remember who took what now.

Nelda and Corin developed a cool system for skeeball. 
But even at that close range he didn't get many points.

This cracked me up...Karissa and another little girl she met decided to share a ride on the roller coaster simulater.  Karissa had a ball...but the other little girl didn't want to ride a second time.  I saw that she was quieter than Karissa, but didn't see her terrified fingers until I looked through the pictures later on my computer....

As I mentioned, Nelda always brings a goodie box full of presents for all!  This time she blew me away with a surprise.  She had created a stone plaque inscribed with one of my favorite running quotes...I was so happy I cried. She's awesome.  If you enjoy crafting at all, you've got to check out her blog.  She is super-creative, and is full of ideas and resources.


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