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Cabin Work Day - March 19

 The weekend before Spring break, the kids and I met my dad at the cabin to do some work projects.

It was so good to stick my hands back down in that tough Indiana clay.  I distinctly remember hauling 5-gallon buckets of this heavy clay out of a pit under the house when I was a very young child.  Probably broke every child labor law, but it made us tough!

We did some cleaning and Dad started a bonfire

I love how you can see up our hill when the trees are naked

If you look close enough I think you can see Dad with his tongue between his teeth as he gets our van to the top of the hill for me - a daredevilish ride that still terrifies me silly.

Quiet.  Country.  Green.  Ahh.

The kids and I listened to lots of the Chronicles of Narnia on that trip!  And I was rather proud of myself for hauling our trailer and 4 kids alone on our 6-hour round trip without event or trauma.  I even discovered that I'm a pretty amazing trailer-backer-upper, which is really quite astounding considering my ability to crash our two vans together in my own driveway!    Oops...David doesn't know that yet.
Stephanie said...

Wow! Great job! Not sure that I'm confident enough to try pulling. Eeeek...the thought gives me chills!
The cabin land looks like the perfect country escape. What a wonderful place to let the kids play while the mind rejuvenates!

Angie Davis said...

It's beautiful there. I'm coveting your cabin...I admit it!

I love that you squished the vans together, my dear. It makes me feel better as I recall running into my own porch steps a few years ago. :o)

Juwah said...

That property looks absolutely heavenly...so happy that you all have a family retreat like that. I too am impressed with your truck-driver woman skills! When I pull a mower on a trailer behind a small pickup for about 5 miles, I feel like queen of the road. You have officially stolen my title. :)

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