March Indy Date

by sarahmfry, April 15, 2011
 We were blessed to receive a gift certificate to the Eagles Nest from some friends.  So on a normal Thursday evening, after we'd both taught all day, we headed to Indianapolis. We've been to the Eagles Nest a couple of times before, but we enjoy it every time.  It is Indy's revolving restaurant - on top of the Hyatt Regency.

Stole this great picture form the Hyatt website.

David ordered the Herb Crusted Prime Rib with Boursin Cheese Mash Potato.  I had the Half Roasted Indiana Duck with Mascarpone Polenta and a Port Wine Demi Glace. 


It was nice that our table was secluded enough that we could grab a few discreet pictures. 

The sunset over the city was gorgeous.
For dessert....David had Banana Creme Brulee and I had this lovely little chocolate thingy.

We grabbed a fellow (well, not literally) on the street and asked him to snap our picture. 

I was obviously in the middle of talking when he snapped this picture. Imagine that.

After we ate, along our walk back to the car we stopped at the new JW Marriot hotel to check it out.  It was pretty awesome.
They had the coolest touch-screen directories we've ever seen in a hotel.

You could explore the hotel or the whole city with the touch of a finger...Events, Sports, tickets, schedules, maps.  It was truly cool.

The hotel decor definitely had a 70's flair.  But it followed the theme of Indiana landscapes or something.  It was nice.
Loved the lobby fireplace

Love this man.  We had a great time.
March 17, 2011

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