March Hodgepodge

by sarahmfry, April 15, 2011
Uncle Alex had surgery on his crushed hand.  We buzzed over to their house after supper one night to take him a baloon and a gift and some love.

Made some yummy dark-chocolate-orange biscotti

They were yum.

David is on a quest for good water - particularly with a good pH....He has found some good ones!  I stole a giant bottle of VOSS (which I love), and considered filling it with Frankfort tap water and setting it back on the shelf.  Maybe he would have noticed.  Our favorite so far is Jana water.

Judging by the mud smudges, looks like she just survived a love attack from the dogs!
Sometimes he's big.  Sometimes he's little.  He'll be 5 next month!

Not sure exactly what kind of dog training is going on here....


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