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The kids sang last night in church.....Here's the link: 3/20/11 PM.  Their song begins at about 34:50. 

You know Caiden and his faces.   He was a little worried about the "no jigging, no faces" rule.  But he made it.  When we got back to our seat, he whispered to me..."God helped me!"  
Oh, I love watching his little heart grow...

A sneak peek of the before-the-scenes part of this story you didn't see...rewind to our house, just before we went to that service.  My spiritual husband had already gone to prayer meeting, love his heart.  (Leaving me alone by myself with four spirited children, 10 socks and 10 shoes and 5 heads of hair and all).   As I was doing one head of hair, I discovered fresh pudding smudges all over her dress and sweater and we had to scurry to change her!  Then, I was trying to run through the song one last time with the kids.  For some mysterious reason, angst and tears and fighting broke out among these sweet little dears who display so much love for one another in public.  We seriously had to just stop and PRAY! (Just before I got up from the piano and grabbed the paddle - just in case.)  By the time we prayed and got everyone calmed down, I discovered a hint of a chocolate pudding smudge on the cheek of a tender darling and sent her off to wash her face.   It was all over by then and we had to make our way like a herd of turtles on to the service.  So much for one last run-through.  The moral of the story?  Keep chocolate pudding in a very tall cabinet.  I think maybe that's the moral.  I'm not really sure.

Random Jan & Feb pics of the kids:

Karissa tried to teach Daddy a little fiddling....
Karissa - Lovin' on Bubby

Sick Kids....look at their poor little eyes

They love being sick because it is the ONLY time they're allowed to have food out of the kitchen - especially in bed!

These are terrible pictures, but his drama faces just crack me up

Caiden is super-duper proud of himself for learning to whip the potatoes all by himself!

March 21, 2011

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