What does a sledge hammer have to do with four weddings and a funeral?!

Well....I have been trying to finish up various tasks for photographs from four weddings and a funeral.  Making disks, uploading photos to our host website, editing, sending out contracts, etc. ]

But my trusty emachine got all nasty on me.  The nice man at ProByte discovered over 70 viruses!! (Yeah, I have an extremely strong dislike for anti-virus software and it kicked me in the breeches). Over a hundred dollars later, I got back my naked and empty computer - sans viruses and with the addition of an obnoxious virus blocker-thingy.

Then began the grueling, agonizing, tear-inducing work of restoring all of my settings and installing programs and downloads and color bits and screen resolutions and upload tools and incompatible drivers ad nauseum.  Not to mention the hours and hours on the phone with the nice trouble-shooting-team people at Pictage.  It's a wonder I still have a shred of sanity left.  That's where the sledge hammer comes in.  It's a good thing I didn't have one handy, cuz I might REALLY be starting over from scratch in a computer aisle somewhere.  But, that wouldn't have really solved anything, now would it?

Due to the blessed wonder of babysitting-trading, I am in a quiet house, working like a madwoman on finishing up the last of my photography to-do list.  Just for the record, at present I sorta wish I'd never laid eyes on a DSLR or PSE or Pictage or a PUT or Filezilla or FTP-anything!!  I just want my old trusty Easyshare point-and-shoot back and a good book to read.  Or I'd even settle for staring blankly at a wall.  Okay.  Now I'm complaining and I have to say three happy things.

1.  I love our cameras
2.  I love this quiet house
3.  I love chocolate.  In need chocolate.

I'm so sick of this old computer chair I WELCOME the soon-coming day when I can begin my next big project....The BaSeMenT!!!!   MWA-ha-ha-ha. 

I just organized our February photos and can't wait to catch up on blogging.  Which reminds me, I had two particularly horrendously traumatic panics during this whole computer-reformatting ordeal.

PANIC NUMBER 1:  I thought I had lost my ENTIRE blog book before I ordered it.  All 150 pages that I'd spent hours formatting and rearranging.  A whole year of pictures and words.  But oh, happy day.  I downloaded the software again today and tickle-me-elmo, there it was!!  Happy girl.

PANIC NUMBER 2:  (I'm warning you, this one's a doozy.  You may want to occupy young children in the other room.)   I went to the backup files folder Mr. Probyte created for me and BAM!  All my pictures were gone.  Every. Single. One.  Like, maybe 50,000 pictures.  Literally, Seriously.  I totally panicked.  Cold chills and tears and everything.  My kids were scared, I think.  I was like, "I don't even have any pictures of CORIN!  No pictures of my baby!  Everything I've ever taken since I moved here is GONE!"  Yeah.  It was a sad moment in the Fry house.  Let's just say...David was not completely in tune with my angst.  But anyway, long story short, I found the pictures.  Life is once again bearable.  And every last one of those priceless pictures will soon be on its way to the safety of our 1-Terabyte external hard drive (that's one TRILLION bytes, by the way).  Whew.  I feel like my heart is racing just reliving the horror.

So ends the tale of my most drastic woe
I must get to work very quickly, and so...
I'll leave you with thoughts for your thinking and such
Two thoughts that will help you, they'll help you so much
One is installing a dumb virus-guard
And two is your pictures - the ones on your card
Don't leave them there! Get them as fast as can be
To safety or backup or discs - or all three!
You'll thank me for warning, or maybe you'll not....
I'm off now to go and accomplish a lot.


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