Family Sledding

by sarahmfry, January 07, 2011
These are random catch-up posts from our Christmas season....

December 22, 2010

We took advantage of some of the awesome Christmas week snow!!  TPA park has the best light display and the best hills!

Hey - giant pink gloves are better than none at all!
This brave baby boy LOVES sledding. 
He begs to go down over and over.  But he's smart enough to know when his crazy daddy threatens to send him down the hill alone.  Not interested. 
Caiden preferres to RUN up and down the hills when we sled - it's much safer, you see. (Unless mommy rides and we sing our "going slow" song).  He's a brave boy accept when he's not.

But he sure is sweet.

Nerds, all.  But they're pretty cool nerds.

See, sometimes your nose runs when you sled....and you don't have a what's a boy to do?

Mercy, he's kissable - snot and all!

I think we stayed about an hour too long. Kayla was SO over it.

We had fun though - really - promise we did!

Where is Uncle Garen and his 4-wheeler when you need a ride up?

Headed home to hot chocolate and games at Grandma's! (And a mountain of wet, stinky, dripping rubber and vinyl on the kitchen floor.)  It was worth it.


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