The blessings.....

by sarahmfry, November 06, 2010
I have been posting from my mother-in-law's laptop, which strangely picks up internet all over our house.  She is awesome.  She has watched the kids, loaned me her laptop, did my dishes, folded my laundry, and is her quiet, steady, loving self.

I've been looking out over the SNOW on the ground!  Yay!  There has been a significant amount of excitement in the Fry household yesterday and today over this early winter snow.  We are planning our annual first-snow celebration today:  Flurries at Dairy Queen!!

We just opened some great envelopes of treats from my mom.  There are great cries of jubilation over the McDonalds coupons for free ice cream, etc.

My husband rocks.  He's smart and handsome and helpful and loving and I'm just happy to be his.

I have been pondering the blessings of friendship with God's people all over.  I so enjoyed the short time I had with my Idaho friends 2,000 miles away - awesome, amazing people. And now am enjoying fellowship with old and new friends at a church not far away.

My time with the Youth of Lewiston, Idaho.  God has spoken to me through them.  I have laughed and cried and learned and been touched again.  Love those guys and am praying for God's awesome blessing on their lives.  What a privilege to talk with them.

I am also so thankful for those random plane-meetings that are short but beautiful.  The kind gentleman who gave me a starlight aerial tour of his Salt Lake City.  The wonderful family of 5 1/2 with kids our kids' ages....on their way to Disney World and the brief encounter with the kindred spirit mother who I know would be a dear friend if we actually knew each other and didn't live 2,000 miles apart.  God's people are everywhere.  

A brief encounter with a down syndrome boy last night at church that is stamped on my heart:  It became its own post, as well.

My Grandma Parsons.  She's dancing in heaven now.  Thursday as I taught lessons, Jonelle Barnard and I were practicing our recital duet.  When we got to "I'll be Home for Christmas" I lost it in tears.  My heart went to the estate sale going on at 8400 Foster Lane in Overland Park........I can tell this one's growing and the dam will break and I've too much to say here.

I can tell my fingers and words have been cooped up. Once I start writing I don't know where to stop.    But there's one blessing that has been so steadily present:

This peace.  This knowledge that I am His and He is mine.  This deep-down rock.  No other blessing compares. I relish it.

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