Gathering Joy - 4.12.10

by sarahmfry, April 12, 2010
This is one of those days when counting blessings is also a discipline.  A way of making a poopy-diaper-morning smell just nicer. And the day got nicer, too!

#124 - A new cashier-feller who was pretty much clueless, but ever and ever so nice about it....
#125 - A quick, quiet lunch (a bowl of cereal) alone outside at our picnic table with the wind and the sun and the tulips.
#126 - A husband who washes dishes while I'm gone
#127 - A daddy who is willing to study sitting in the car at the park so the kids can play while mommy is gone working
#128 - The happy promise of long, hot summer days...popsicles, neighbor kids, wading pools, suntans.
#129 - The fact that - (now that I am a joy-gatherer) - in the dark night hours as I rise over and over with restless, crying children - my groggy mind searches for some gift - something to be grateful for in the exhaustion. 
#130 - Stacks of folded laundry
#131 - Growing things:  puppies, flowers & kids!

(photo by David)
#132 - The sound of Caiden belly laughing in the other room
#133 - A whole night free of asthma girl's coughing.
#134 - Hanging out laundry means being outside in the sun.
#135 - A hot bath after a long day of picture-taking
#136 - Freshley bathed kids in little bathrobes and boots - outside watching Daddy plant things.
#137 - Kindness
#138 - Peace
#139 - Satin and Sequins and Smiles and Promises.  A heritage.  Tenderness and love and support and friendship.  A day full of it.  (with sore feet and tired bodies)

holy experience


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