"Almighty and ever-blessed God, I thank Thee for the love wherewith Thou dost follow me all the days of my life.  I thank The that Thou dost inform my mind with Thy divine truth and undergird my will with Thy divine grace.  I thank Thee for every evidence of Thy Spirit's leading, and for all those little happenings which, though seeming at the time no more than chance, yet afterwards appear to me as part of Thy gracious plan for the education of my soul.  O let me not refuse Thy leading or quench this light which Thou hast kindled within me, but rather let me daily grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord and Master." (from A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie, p. 47)

A beautiful pump-primer, and soul-lighter:  with morning and evening readings for each day of the month.

by: John Baillie


Got Books?
Some Fun Discoveries:
I'm excited about Amazon's free Kindle for PC...It's a very fast, free download.  The regular Kindle device is pretty expensive, so I had written it off. But the PC version is free!  You can search the Kindle Store for just like you do amazon.  There are also lots of free books.  So far, the books I've downloaded don't have illustrations - just bare text.  (But the download was lightning fast! Talk about having immediate access to a huge library at your fingertips!) And, of course, we always prefer a hard copy in our hands as we gather on the living room floor to read.  But these free or discounted Kindle Books have saved me from purchasing some books I was looking for on a booklist and couldn't find at our library.  You can bookmark your place and write and save notes as you read.

 We're new to this digital book thing, so we'll see how it goes.  I don't envision us all gathering around the computer to read books too often.  But I DO plan to sit the kids at the kitchen table with art supplies, playdoh or crayons so they can doodle while I read to them.

Also...if you're an audiobook fan, Christianaudio.com has a free audiobook download every month.  In fact, there are two this month!  I love to listen to books on my computer or ipod while I work around the house.

More free audiobooks:
happy, happy, happy!

Their interface isn't the greatest, to say the least (makes me a nervous wreck just looking at it).   But the determined soul might find some real treasures here:  Audiobooksforfree.com.
(I linked to the classics page cuz it made me feel better.) I haven't downloaded anything yet....we'll see.

Happy Reading, Friends!
........For some reason, I've got a hankerin' to watch The Sound of Music while I fold laundry!


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