First Day of Spring

in , by sarahmfry, March 21, 2010
I'm not a girl who hates the winter.... I love boots and sweaters and cold and being cozied up under blankets of snow.  But the delightful thing about seasons is that they come and go.

Spring is welcome here, for sure, with its sun and warmth and birds.  The other morning after taking the girls to school, I took baby Corin and went inside.  When Caiden did not follow, I found him still sitting in his carseat - nose pink with morning chill - quietly listening to the birds. He is a beauty-catcher.  I love that.

And we do love birds.  We still haven't gotten all of our houses and feeders arranged, so the bird bath is a giant feeding area for now.

Mya is certainly great with child.  She is getting sluggish and sleepy.  I remember not too long after this time last year I was feeling the same.  She rests while Max stands watch.  She delivered 11 pups her first litter, and she doesn't seem any smaller this time. David finished up the new shelter shed this morning by attaching it to the kennels.  Dad Fry brought over a brand-spankin-new whelping box he built for Mya.  We all anxiously wait.  It's fixin to get crazy around here!

Our first blooms of the year!  The kids were elated.  Karissa thinks it's just incredible that the crocuses are our school colors.
Friendship blossoms, too.  We haven't seen our neighbor Christopher much at all through the winter.  It is so good to be meeting our neighbors in backyards again. They have been building things and blowing bubbles and eating pizza and riding bikes.  Our neighbor Mr. Wright brought over a scooter and a bike for the kids.  Kayla has the bloody elbow to prove it!

The dryer is broken.  Not a small matter for a busy family of 6.  But thankfully, I do enjoy hanging out laundry.  I don't enjoy the inconvenience of it long-term (gets old fast at an average of 2 loads per day!), but it's just the teeniest bit fun on the first day of spring.

Karissa (5) has been anxiously waiting all day for the clothes to dry so she could help me gather them.  The temperature dropped quickly, the sky turned grey, and we raced to get them down as we felt a few drops coming.

She has such a natural love for homemaking already.  She was so excited to use her own little pink basket. 

Kayla couldn't care less about gathering laundry. She frankly isn't terribly concerned that she have clean laundry to wear! But oh, does she ever love science. Tonight she discovered the first mosquito of spring on her daddy's arm. He said, "I hope it wasn't there long enough to bite me."

She said in her adorable little accent,  "Well, Daddy, it's only the female mosquitos who bite.  So if it was a male mosquito you don't have an-a-thin' to worry about.  Male mosquitos only eat plant juices." (It's true! I looked it up!)

We just look at each other and chuckle and shake our heads.

We're so excited about the promise of blooms around here.  As I snapped some pictures of them, I felt so thankful in my heart for new beginnings.  I found it hard today to keep my attitude behavin'.  I found myself feeling frustrated and grouchy.  I'm so glad that tomorrow's a new day....fresh with no mistakes in it. (Miss Stacy, Anne of Green Gables).

We got the laundry down in plenty of time - I don't think that rain has come yet.

I looked up through the empty clothespins and saw this reminder of the season.

We had soft "lent" pretzels today and talked about arms folded in prayer - searching our hearts for ways to draw closer.  And after kids' baths to wash off those spring hours of play, we ended the day with a very simple family night....a happy pink strawberry cake and come creepy-cool snake video clips.

Happy Spring, Friends!

"It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"

~Mark Twain


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