Daybook: March 14

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::Outside My Window::
chilly & overcast....I just had to sit in the van for a minute after taking the girls to school and listen to the sound of the birds.
In the kennel, Mya (our pregnant golden) and Max are sleeping a lot these days....I can tell Mya's starting to feel the weight of all the puppies (only 3 weeks left!). When she sleeps, Max sleeps too. 

::I am Listening to::
The sound of Caiden tearing around the living room in a rush of imaginations involving flying cars and dramatic crash landings.

::I am wearing ::
this question is boring....gotta think of another one.

::I am Thankful For::
the chance to be with David this week in Chicago for his Comps!

::I am Pondering::
Non-diet dieting.  hmmm.

::I am Reading::
I am so excited about my new reading with the kids. Who would have thought that my 5yo and 7yo would listen to Shakespeare stories and beg for more!   I keep gushing to David...I'm enjoying the new books as much as the kids. (I'll probably have to blog about this later.)

::From the Kitchen::
Wishing Sunday's fruit pizza wasn't gone. I do not have the meals planned for this week yet.  BUT I am considering some new recipes with flax seed.

::I am Thinking:
About how tired I am.  I think I'm feeling the time change a little late.  (Actually, I just stayed up too late.)

::I am Creating::
Finished up and ordered event cards for upcoming weddings. Poor David - my creative processing drives him batty.  I am really, really (super) bad at decision-making.

::On my iPod::
It's actually driving me SUPER crazy that I can't find my ipod.  It's here.  very Close.  I remember seeing it just a little bit ago!

:: Towards raising hungry learners::
Feeling very strongly that I need to make my kids go outside more.  We're all inside too much. But it's hard for me to do, because I feel I need to keep an eye on them and I always seem to have things I need to do inside.  My work is never done.  So taking time out to watch them outside is hard for me.

:: Towards Rhythm and Beauty::
We haven't been practicing violin and cello for way too long.  I took a break and it has turned long!  Time to get back into the rhythm of it.

::To Live the Life ::
Driving home this morning from dropping the girls off at school, passed the house two doors down.  They have young kids (like us).  A small house (like us).  A blue minivan (like ours).  I saw the young mom out at her van and realized again that I dont' even know her name!  
I am hoping for some chances this spring and summer to meet them outside.  I feel awkward showing up at their door with cookies or whatever.  It's a great idea - a good start, towards relationship.  It's the seeing-and-talking-across the yard that really seems to work for us without feeling forced.

 ::I am Hoping and Praying:
Being at ACE convention last week has got me thinking about how fun it will be to watch my kids grow up.  But I'm also thinking about how different it is (and a tad scary).  Training and kissing on little ones is so different from interacting with a developing adult, and balancing relationship with their developing independence.  I'm excited, but don't mind dragging my feet a little. I do pray for the parents of our kids' future spouses. They're the ones, in a sense, shaping my kids' futures! (Maybe it's YOU!?)

 :: In the Garden::
I've been hearing exclamations like:
"Mom! You HAVE to come see!  The flowers are coming up! Come look!" 

Our tulips and daffodils are peeking their heads out of the cold ground.  Please, please, please!  Don't let a frost get them!

::Around the House::
I love flylady zones. A lot.

I love new space. It makes me breathe better. I just wish the space would stay put and quit filling up with stuff!

::One of My Favorite Things:
Watching Caiden and Corin become brothers

::The Kids this week::
Corin – we had to take the bassinet part out of his pack-n-play becuase he is pulling up and standing now.  It was just a matter of time before he flipped himself out.  He's crawling so fast.
Caiden - is obsessed with planets and human biology.  He keeps asking me how God made our bodies.
Karissa  - is having a horrible time napping lately.  Wondering if she's growing out of the daily nap, but then she wakes up the next day in rare form and I remind her why she takes naps.  Yikes!
Kayla – is a mystery to me sometimes.  She's doing a really good job at her narrations. (as far as I can tell)  Her reading and listening retention amazes me.  She currently wants to be a large animal vet.  I haven't told her she's probably too small.  Life will work its way. I suggested we stay with my uncle John this summer (a vet in Missouri) so she can follow him into the fields and see what it's really like. 

The kids are doing better at keeping up with cleaning.  But I was in their room for my zone this week and discovered some "stuffing" spots.  They just giggled when I brought it up, like:  "Oops.  Mom found our hiding spots!"

::A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week::
  • Monday eve - The girls to Mom Fry's.  The boys and I to Chicago with David.
  • Tuesday - David's comps
  • Wednesday – maybe a play date at Angie's?
  • Thursday – Lessons teaching day.
  • Friday – House cleaning/Zone work day. Family night....hmm.  Think we need an at-home family night this week.  Maybe we'll go back to the 10 commandments kit.
  • Saturday –Photography work - finishing up the website is the main goal.  This is the beginning of our Spring Break. I might go to Cincy with the kids.  We haven't made our Spring Break plans yet.
:: Love this Quote! ::

Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place. But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around. ~E.L. Konigsburg

:: A Picture ::
 Took the curtains down in the dining room/office to wash them.  I just love this finial.  Had to take a picture of it before rehanging the curtains.

Found the "Daybook" idea here.

(This was supposed to be Tuesday's post, since I'll be in Chicago.  But the HTML somehow got jumbled and so the post won't save.  Therefore, it gets posted today!)

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