Family Night :: First Snow Celebration

in , , by sarahmfry, December 09, 2009
We woke up Monday morning at Garen & Crystal's to beautiful snow! 

We have a tradition of celebrating the first snow with small "snow" gifts (idea from the familyman) and a trip to Dairy Queen for BLIZZARDS (idea from Shar@rejoicing in hope).  Aunt Crystal gave the girls their snow gifts this year...adorable scarf/hat/glove sets.  And Caiden got a Bearcats hat.

(lovely picture, I get what you get with this girl)

Back in Frankfort, we had our DQ celebration on Tuesday night.

As we loaded up the van in a freezing rain, we got to dreaming about having  a fireplace.  We decided we should pray that our next home will have a fireplace.  "I don't know a family who would enjoy it more than us."  I said.  David replied, "Well, I don't know a family who enjoys life more than us."  I blame a lot of it on him.  Instead of being a distracted, no-nonsense, loving-but-distant dad, he encourages and participates and helps in all of the crazy celebrating we do.

We took a lovely drive through the TPA park Christmas lights. This is one of my most favorite Frankfort Christmas traditions.  The kids enjoy the rare chance to unbuckle their carseats and sit up front with us.  We roll down the windows and turn up the Christmas music.

Ah yes....trying to get a good picture with kids piled on my lap, baby crying, David driving on....Oh well.  I tried.


Yes, we do enjoy life very much. 

We ended the evening with carols and prayer around the Christmas tree. (At which time all three kids mysteriously decided to fall apart into various weeping and wailing sobs for whatever reasons.) 

Yes - We are very, very blessed.  These crazy times are "family glue."  We're writing a history together.


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