Let's Talk Tuesday: Basic Weekly Menu Plan

by sarahmfry, November 10, 2009
I am loving my oh-so-simple current menu system.  It saves me so much brain energy to have a basic weekly menu.  I've tried different menu-planning ideas: (Once-A-Month-Cooking, menu mailers from Saving Dinner, Calender Planning).  This one is not the most elaborate and detailed or even the most efficient, but this is my current and I'm liking it for this stage in my life and energy level.  Some of this is definitely kid food, especially on the  busiest days.  But I can make these as quick and junkie or as gourmet and healthy as I want and add fruits & veggies.  I helps me so much when I go to the cabinet or freezer to plan dinner.  Most of the decision-making is already done. 

lunch: Buffet (use up the good stuff  in the fridge.  My mom-in-law sends us great Sunday leftovers.)  
supper: Poultry/Fish  (from frozen fish sandwiches to steamed Alaskan King Crab....from barbequed chicken to leftover turkey)

lunch: Breakfast food   (We usually eat oatmeal for breakfast, so this gives us a chance to enjoy quiche, omelets, pancakes, biscuits, egg wraps....)
supper: Beef/pork (tacos, pizza subs w/ ham, steak, barbeque, pork chops....)

lunch: Mac & Cheese or McDollar menu (quick and easy - that's my run-errands day)  
supper: Pizza (David's out of town and I get 4 kids ready for prayer meeting alone. 'nuf said.)

lunch: Teaching Day - (David out of town.  Kids eat at grandma's.)
supper: Frozen meals (It's late and I'm pooped by the time I pick kids up after teaching)

lunch: Sandwiches  (subs, wraps, grilled cheese, turkey, egg....)
dinner: Open for Date night/Family night

lunch: Soup    (chili, chicken & noodles, potato, broccoli, vegetable stew...)
supper: Pasta (lasagna, fettuccini, spaghetti, ravioli, manicotti...)

lunch: Dinner with Frys (Eggs, rolls, salad & dessert)
supper: Cereal and milk or after church randomness

What about you?  What meal-planning ideas have worked for you?  Recipes?  Ideas? Cookbooks?  We'd like to hear if you care to share.

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