Autumn at Home

by sarahmfry, November 14, 2009
It's a place where color abounds in any season

Mom's international herb gardens flourish and pour into hand-laid stone paths

Hundreds of details....character..blowing in the wind and tucked into every corner of this yard my brother calls a park. 

Grandbabies are at home here

We eat mamma's goodness and 4 kinds of vegetables at one meal and then we sit.  Hours and hours we sit and we talk and we laugh and we solve.  Good times.

Did I mention character?

We lay in grass and soak up sun here.  It is quiet.

The last of the prized "knockout" rozes linger past their time.

Dad's massive wood piles stand guard for the slightest hint of cold.....ever-ready for the worst winter could muster.  Never a match for my dad and BIG RED (his massive red pet monster of a wood-burning furnace.)

Josephine was springtime.  But Pippin is now. 

And it is home.


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