N. Ireland - Day 2, Saturday

by sarahmfry, January 01, 2009
ATLANTA - 24 hour layover

We slept in, enjoyed a yummy free breakfast, then headed back to the airport to catch the Metra (train) into the city. We had visited Atlanta with the kids a couple of years back, but we enjoyed spending the day visiting again.

Lennox Mall (Buckhead area)- I traded my cute airplane shoes for some good walking shoes and we had lunch.

Arts district - saw Symphony hall & the High Museum of Art, walked through a quaint old neighborhood with grand homes.

Caught the bus down Peachtree to

Peachtree Center - purchased a pack of Rolos, then continued walking past

Bum park and chess park (where an enormous amount of the city homeless men hang out, checkout chess boards and play chess at a speed that will blow your mind) It's the only place we've ever been where they almost make being homeless look fun.

Then on to The Underground - they've actually built the city streets above the old town. So below the street, there's an underground street and city with stores and restaurants. It was much more crowded this time than our last visit.

Curb cry - My pregnancy hormones suddenly arrested me, and I stopped for a brief cleansing cry on the curb. Then we borded the Metra again to return back to the

Airport - Our flight to Dublin, Ireland left around 8:20 - 24 hours after our scheduled departure. We met some neet people in line at the flight gate. One man was an organizer for a Messiah performance at St. Peter's Cathedral in Dublin. He saw my violin and we got to talking. He invited me to play for the gig and gave me his contact information just in case.

Flight - The flight itself was a mixed experience. I've been on many, many domestic flights. But there was an entirely different feeling settling in for an 8 hour transatlantic flight. We got to the know the travelers on either side of us. The lady to our left was an Irish lady who has lived in Texas for about 18 years. The man to our left was a homosexual deeply involved in ministry at his Methodist church in Atlanta. He and David had some deep religious conversation much of the flight. The meal was an experience all its own. Not fantastic, but a fun experience. They turned off the cabin lights, but the dear lady behind me kept her reading light on and shining brightly into my seat the whole night! And another dear couple had a young daughter who screamed and wailed for hours through the night. Add to that pregnancy nausea and a spilled water cup. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well.

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