You know you're pregnant if.....

by sarahmfry, December 03, 2008
  1. You eat flan for breakfast
  2. You sob at the end of Home Alone
  3. You cook a filet mignon - which in previous gestations brought sweet relief - and by the time it cooks a few minutes it doesn't sound good anymore
  4. You're more exhausted than you've been in two years, but toss and turn all night
  5. You can go from euphoria to in-the-dumpshia in .2 seconds if you don't take your B-complex
  6. It feels like a small creature has hooked a hose to your system and is sucking out your very life
  7. You suddenly give a care about potty training your 2-year-old (who could have been diaper free a year ago if you'd have given a care)
  8. You find yourself waddling or rocking for no apparent reason (and you're not autistic)
  9. The flapper on your tear ducts gets loose
  10. You sit around the Christmas tree with your kiddos and sing lullabys to your belly


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