Back home again in Indiana...

by sarahmfry, December 08, 2008
Drive with kids, presents & Grandma from Cincy to Indy. Drop Grandma Parsons off at the airport. Watch her until she gets her bags checked and goes inside. Marvel at an amazing woman. Almost run out of gas. Take the wrong exit. Pray our way to the gas station with 5 miles left to empty. Thank the Lord for a Krogers with gas tanks. Search unsuccessfully for Ginger Ale for my pregnant tummy. Almost Fill the van's tank for 20 bucks! Hit the road again. Have sentimental feelings upon arriving in Frankfort. Get home. Get mail. Wish David was here. Leave freezing kid outside back door without coat while running around to unlock the front door. Open box of our Christmas Cards and inspect. Chill out awhile. Let girls practice by themselves for a combined total of about 4 minutes and let them get a practice prize anyway (who cares). Help Karissa find ballet clothes. Admire Kayla's horse drawing. Marvel at the Christmas explosion in our house. Unload van. Wish David was home. Move dogs from kennel to basement. Feed & water dogs. Put in load of laundry. Unload van. Wish David was home. Plug in charger to phone. Get distracted and lose phone. Unload van. Decide to do once a month cooking again soon so the freezer will be stocked with meals. Wish David was home. Think about how organized I'm going to get in the next couple of weeks at home. Find phone in a weird place. Plug in phone. Sigh at the Christmas explosion in small house. Whip up a gourmet double batch of Mac & Cheese. Calm a sibling fight involviving water gun, sharp scissors, and a large roll of duct tape. Super Yummy for the pregnanty tummy on the Mac & Cheese. Stop little boy from pouring grape juice into mac & cheese. Unplug phone to call David. Set down phone at the sound of deep purple grape juice gushing from table to floor. Clean up grape juice. Make note to buy Viva Paper towells again (AMAZINGLY absorbant!). Groan inside when naked boy runs to kitchen and announces "I poo-poo!" and inspects his own hands. Ask him to show me where. Groan to see the training potty has already been emptied and ask where again. Sigh to see that contents have been (almost) successfully emptied into big potty. Rinse training potty and grin as naked boy does an adorable little bottom jig and sings "I poo-POO! I poo-POO!" Sit down alone to finish mac & cheese. Dream about a long quiet bubble bath after kids are in bed. Call David. Write obnoxious blog post.

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