Chigaco - Big John, Dolls and Pizza

by sarahmfry, October 03, 2008
We enjoy the observatory on top of Sears tower, but this time we opted for the John Hancock Tower ("Big John"). It actually has better views, because it's right smack in the middle of everything. After a trip up the fastest elevators in North America (something like 20 seconds to go up 96 floors), you don your schnazzy headphones and begin a birds-eye tour of Chi-town.

Chicago has done the best job of any US city in preserving its lakeshore coastline.
Walking out into the open-air observatory - NINETY SIX floors above the streets. The sound is amazingly loud. A single car horn carries up the side of the building. Multiply that times Chicago, and it was a delightful dull roar. Comforting, to me, after growing up just above Cincinnati's downtown. Our house had an incredible view of Cincinnati's skyline, just down the hill from us. From the third floor the sounds of the city were almost like a distant lullaby.

One of the most intriguing things for me was watching the swimming pools on the top of these soaring skyscrapers below us. The people in the pools looked smaller than polly pockets!

David was patient as we explored the American Girl Place. Kayla has the Kirsten doll. It is such an exciting way to explore history and other cultures.

Three beautiful floors of exquisite displays. It is definItely a fun place to window shop.

This is a must-see for the girls when they come with us next time. Maybe we'll even have tea in the tea room!

By now, we were on a mission for the taste of that unforgettable Chicago-style pizza. To our delight, we ran into Giordiano's right around the corner from American Girl.

We practically fell asleep during our 45-minute wait for the 10-inch "small" pizza for two. But was it ever worth the wait. And that "small" would have fed our whole family.

You've never tasted anything like it. Flaky crust, gooey cheese, fresh marinara. It redefines pizza. It IS Chicago, Baby!

Chicago's Orchestra Hall (doesn't hold a candle to the beauty and grandeur of Cincinnati's Music Hall, but it'll do in a pinch)

Farewell, Beloved Windy City.....

Back home again in Indiana....


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