Ketchup Again

by sarahmfry, August 20, 2008
O mercy. It's been so long since I've blogged with actual words, I fear the words dam is about to fall....and lookout! It's like ketchup out of a glass bottle with me.

Trouble is, I do not know where to begin. It seems all summer I've been mostly picture blogging. Which is fine. I have my reasons (and what a summer it's been!) But it does not satisfy.

So which thought should I share first? I have some thoughts to share, yes I do, yes I do.

Did any of you ever do brainstorming in English or creative writing class? I LOVE brainstorming! Connecting ideas. Letting them tumble out like stones out of a plastic bucket. I also loved it when someone (probably Rebecca Kelley) taught me how to get the writing going. Set your pen to paper and just write! Don't think. Don't stop. Just write what comes. And fill in words when you're tempted to stop. Obviously, it's not a plan for revising and finishing. But it's a sure way to get going. Sometimes I have so many ideas scrambling for my attention (not to mention cereal, poopy diapers and dancing 4 year olds) I have to just write a list so I know which one to start with.

:: Thoughts on my Squeezable 2-year old
:: Living in the glory (why my ballet-dancing 4-year-old is fulfilling her destiny)
:: Karissa-isms
:: Our very cool VBS
:: Why I love being grown up
:: Why this may have been the best summer of my life
:: My thoughts on preschool
:: Marriage (have had a post draft saved for months...courage, Sarah!)
:: Gossip (response to all your responses)

:: New piano discovery for my girls' piano it.

:: Grrr to the extra spaces that won't go away. if I want double spacing I'll ASK for double spacing!!!! I even tried to edit the Html code. You can see how successful that endeavor was.

Okay. So there's a partial list. Maybe some warm sudsy dish water will clarify for me upon which thought to embark.


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