Scratchin' that Itch

by sarahmfry, July 02, 2008
I have had the Yard Sale bug since Spring first Sprung this year! I finally got my chance. We went to Indy to pick up the new bunk bed. So (to combine trips for gas) we also went to PetSmart to get Mya her new suave new doggie-diaper and went to some awesome Yard Sales!

I had to crack up. If David had not been along, we would have spent literally 4 times as much. I'm not kidding you, ladies. He hovered over me as I shopped, quizzing me on why we needed such-and-such and where we'd keep so-and-so. So after he had effectively weeded out my purchases, the real fun began. I have a considerably more self-preservation (pride) than does my refined husband. So I'd hand the whole mess of purchases to him and he'd wheel and deal! If the poor tired garage sale lady didn't give him the price he asked, he'd just set things aside. Oh mercy. I thought about being mad, but it was so hilarious that he CARED so much. I'm still laughing about it.

So...if you want a fun day of yard saling without over spending or gaining unnecessary clutter, you may borrow my husband....the YARD SALE POLICE!

Here are some purchases that didn't get vetoed:

Brand-new looking terry robe for Caiden: $1.00

Fresh white set of 100% cotton King Sized sheets: $5.00 (don't know what the reduced rate was)

At least I had a support system. My mother in law was with me. After a wonderful Dick and Jane Treasury Hardback book was deemed too expensive (at a whoppin' $2.00) by the Yard Sale Patrol, Mom Fry whisked it up and got it half price! She understands the burden I bear.....she lives with my husband's father!!


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