Old Friends (June 13)

by sarahmfry, June 24, 2008
(I know you've already seen this one, but this post has been moved up to maintain chronological order of the previous posts. There is new stuff posted below this one....)

Marc & Melodie Sankey and their boys came for a wonderful visit Friday and Saturday. We had some great years of working together at Franklin Bible Methodist Church in Ohio before we moved to Alabama/Mississippi and they moved to Mexico/Texas. They are home for a few months, and we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to spend some time together. Friendships like this are worth holding on to.

Fun times gathered 'round the computer - they showed us around their new life in Mexico on Google Earth.

These are 3 handsome and incredible boys....They're being raised well and prepared for a lifetime of service.

Nobody sings together quite like Marc and Melody. Smooth, seamless, effortless...and powerful. I think their beautiful Spanish makes their singing even more incredible. (Push play to see them sing a beautiful Spanish worship song...and a sneak peak at Caiden's conducting habit.)
Thanks, friends, for some more good memories.

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