Weekend at Dad's Cabin (May 30-June1)

by sarahmfry, June 19, 2008
Oh Joy! Oh Bliss! One minivan - 3 kids - 2 dogs.
Loaded up for a weekend with the Wolf fam at Grandpa's cabin in the Indiana hills.

The playhouse Grandpa built...
The hills behind the cabin.....If these trees could talk.

The view from the cabin. Something wonderful happens when I get here. The air is sweet with the smell of the grass and the woods. Everything is green. Stars and clouds and space to think....Not to mention a lifetime of memories.

Daddy and Caiden waiting to push off in the kayak.

Caiden (on his 2nd birthday) driving the boat on the Ohio River with Uncle Garen

Max and Mya's first swim! Mya is a natural. Max is a hoot. He swims like he's drowning, trying to hold his head and shoulders out of the water at the same time. One of the dogs pulled Rachelle off the bank and into the creek. The dogs loved the wide open of the cabin. This trip proved that their training is coming along very well.

They pulled out the stash of semi-automatics for target practice. I got to shoot my first AK47.
So much to explore and learn about in this little creek. Every moment with Grandma Wolf is a learning experience.

Flowers to cut...gravel road to walk...butterflies to catch. This is livin'!

I don't know how they did it, but Mom and Dad bought this cabin for literally almost nothing almost 30 years ago. It's about an hour from Cincy. No phone. Cistern water. A fresh, sparkling spring. A creek to play in. Hiking. A Ben Franklin heater in the winter. Smooth, hot rocks to warm our toes in bed. Late night games of Rook. Popcorn and Smears (my Dad's name for S'mores)......
Just what the doctor ordered for two Bible College teacher and their little brood of kids. On weekends they fixed it up from a complete mess to a nice little get-a-way. Granted, they did break every child labor law in the process. (Just ask any one of us kids about digging a pipeline out of clay under the house - one 5-gallon bucketfull at a time!) But we're no worse for the wear, I assure you.
It just so happened that this particular visit the water pump had gone out. So it was back to hauling buckets of water out of the cistern. This is one family trip De wasn't so sad to miss. She's such a wilderness woman and all....

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