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Sunday Go-To-Meetin'

I was surprised this morning to find that the girls had already dressed themselves for church of their own accord!

Karissa is incredibly picky about her clothes. She had replaced the socks and shoes I had laid out for her own choices - including some not-so-great socks and her favorite purple shoes! Isn't she Kooky?

Notice the streaker who kept messing up our attempt at modest picture-taking.

The kids love their new outfits from Grandma Fry. She took the picture and took the kids to church for me since I'm still home sick.

Hair fixed, purple shoes ditched (although she did manage to get out of here with a purple purse!), streaker dressed (At least for the moment. This kid hates clothes! But he loves Sunday School. Clothes are a sacrifice he's willing to make to see Miss Melva.)

Here are my sweet darlings.

Toots said...

So cute. Your kiddos gave me a good laugh this afternoon.

The Going Blog said...

Adorable kids, Sarah. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.

tacomom said...

So glad you were feeling well enough to be there Sunday night. I'm sorry you were sick and Tony was sooo bummed about missing chimichangas (or something of the like). Your kiddos are so cute and Kayla is looking like a beautiful young lady in that last picture - Daddy better get prepared for all them boys who'll come knocking! It'll be here before you blink!

dorcas said...

I love those first pictures of Kayla laughing. Reminds me of how you and Deanna always love a good laugh!

Mary Ellen said...

Hmmm, better keep our little streakers away from each other or they might band together to start a nudist church! "-) Your kids are adorable.

sankey family said...

Just adorable. Miss you guys.

Misty said...

Maybe there should be a warning in baby name books by the name Karissa!! Kooky fits well.... My Karissa's favorite shoes are hot pink and VERY well worn.

They are adorable :-)

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