So many wonderful things

by sarahmfry, April 02, 2008
How could a few days be filled with so many wonderful things?

Incredible hospitality

Delicious Dining

Old Friends

New Friends Mary Ellen, I was going to say how cool it was to meet you and feel an instant friendship. But then you had to go and do the whole picture/video thing. So now you're dead meat. Only I can't think of anything to do to you. So I just stole some pictures off your blog.Quiet time alone at the Intercoastal waterway
(right by where I stayed)
Beautiful Beach (Beautiful friendship)

....and one serious sunburn!

I'm thankful for the chance to visit Hobe Sound Church services for the first time, time to be with some of the most wonderful friends a person could want, time to be alone and sleep (I was amazed at how fast I can get ready w/o kids!). I have a super-sized bottle of aloe that will hopefully bring soon relief from the remains of the Florida sun.
I also had a little adventure of being stranded in Atlanta for the night along with several hundred angry travelers. Subject for another blog, if I get to it.
Thank you, Sis. Vernon for calling me. You are one of my heroes!
Thank you, P.D. and Sherry - for everything. I have about a hundred funny, deep, meaningful and meaningless conversations replaying in my head.


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