My tough Grandma

by sarahmfry, April 11, 2008
Photo: Kayla and Karissa with their Great Grandma Wolf in Cincinnati in November. Doesn't she have the most beutiful smile?

Unbelievable. Grandma Wolf woke out of her coma! It's actually almost funny, because she's the toughest cookie I've ever known. I mentioned that she's 93 in the comment section....but she's actually 94! Dad said, "Well, I just know it's gonna be hard on her to bury all of us." She's just about tough enough and stubborn enough to outlive the lot of us.

Her seizures were so violent and her blood pressure so high, they didn't even expect her to live through the night, much less wake up, much less be able to speak. But she's saying words already. (See where I get my affinity for talking?) They say her words don't exactly make sense yet, but they're words....

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