Deanna Marie

by sarahmfry, April 07, 2008

I've been stricken again with mysterious insomnia. So in my wakeful doodling I make the mistake of going to my sister's website.

And now the tears {the happy and sad-mingled tears} of missing and loving someone so much you can't stand it.

She's amazing. I pause to even think where to begin for those of you who don't know her. Those of you who do know her - or have even met her - don't need me to say much.

I've heard that her name means "bubbling over". Now how in the world could a name be so fit? She bubbles over with her giftings, with her enthusiasm, with her intensity, with her love.

Her sarcasm is hilarious. Her cooking is glorious. Her music is notorious. Her pace is furious. (I'd better quit this rhyme or it will be injurious!)

She married a wonderful, distinctive British man. And in turn for getting to be my brother-in-law, he takes her to Northern Ireland! I'm kidding. They are doing a wonderful pastoral work there - one of the most active churches I've encountered. He is a great man with a great mind and a great wife. They are where God has placed them and that is beyond doubt the best place to be.

What is it that makes the bond of sisterhood so deep? Is it the hours spent in the blistering heat of a lemonade stand? The years of lessons and practice and playing together? The Saturday Sister bond of folding socks while listening to Ranger Bill? The understanding that needs not words? The silent pokes that are full of muffled humor? The enduring and surviving of pain beyond belief? The years of sorting through the heartbreakers to find the ONE? The thrill of wedding plans? The sugary doting of Aunthood? No. It's none of these. It's all of them and a million more....

But now I sit 'midst the cornfields of Indiana. And she is galavanting across the European countryside, dodging sheep and visiting castles, having tea and using words like "midday." Who'da thunk?

I have nothing profound to say through my tears.

Only this: I love you. I admire you. I miss you.
O yes - and HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY today! Here's to 60 more years of wedded bliss and all that stuff (am I on speakerphone, De?).
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