Holy Week: Palm Sunday

by sarahmfry, March 16, 2008
He walked in my shoes. He knows my frame. He is royalty....the son of the Living God. My brother, my friend. He, whose hands power to raise the dead has the tender touch to calm my heart. He is the friend of the head bowed low. He views us all equally. He lifts our faces to look into His eyes.
He lives to love us, do dine with us. To sit in our home. He didn't stand on corners and preach. He lounged on living room floors and ate and talked and laughed. He brought hope. And understanding. And conviction.
He demonstrated His power over and over - and had patience when His best friends still did not believe.
(click link to watch video)

You are worthy! You are King! I'm Amazed That You Love Me (click link to watch video)
Praise, Honor, Glory to my King!
Around here, we think of Palm Sunday as sort of a parade for Jesus. But those people weren't cheering for a celebrity who kept them at arms length. They were rejoicing in the One who knew them, healed them, listened to them, taught them. An unbelievable mixture of Royalty and familiarity.
Gold and Purple - the colors of royalty
Palm Branches
A kingly crown
Lord, I praise You. I rejoice in Your Royalty. I gaze at Your beauty, and see the tenderness in Your eyes. Thank you for adopting me.

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