Hiking Scenes - Brown County State Park

by sarahmfry, January 13, 2008
Brown County is famous for its blazing colors of Autumn.... But we have discovered its quiet beauty in pristine winter white!
There's something about hitting a snow-covered trail.

In the quiet hush of winter

The light and the shadows are amazing. With the canopy of leaves fallen, the views are clear and spectacular. We watched a pair of deer dash down our hill and up another and could see them clearly to the top of the next ridge.
The serenity of a frozen lake

Different kinds of animal tracks - side by side on the ice

Slowly trickling streams under sparkling crystals
Everything sitting quietly in place - patiently waiting for the happy shimmering tickle of spring.
And the wonders of nature in its resting season. Not to mention the biting cold of the wind on your face mixed with the warmth of exercise. And the constant, colorful commentary of my goofy hiking companion.
Here are two trees that have grown together as one. Two totally different species, learning to live together and become something even more beautiful than they were on their own.

Sounds familiar.

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