He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9


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Back in the saddle...

Welcome, 2008. May you bring us many happy and productive practicing hours.

We took a sabattical from violin lessons for Kayla last semester. I was having some serious burnout from a very stressful experience with Kayla's teacher in Alabama. So here we go again! With me as the teacher, this time. Teaching your own has its joys and sorrows. Baby steps.

Karissa's toughest issue is having the patience to go through the necessary pre-twinkling steps before she cranks out some tunes. We're taking it slow and easy. Kayla's biggest challenge (or mine, that is) is finding a good, energetic but quiet time after school and work to get Kayla's practice time done.

Juwah said...

Love the Lion Hold going on there. (at least that's what Josiah's teacher calls it) Patience is a real challenge for us at times as well. Siah started young and isn't progressing very quickly so 1 1/2 years into lessons we are just learning Song of the Wind. I keep telling myself, besides learning how to play an instrument, violin lessons are also about learning perseverance. Be Encouraged! I hope lessons go well for you.

loree2000 said...

Learning an instrument young has got to be easier than when you're 30!! :)
Stay diligent young lady! :)

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