snow, sore bottoms and crazy kids

by sarahmfry, December 06, 2007
Yesterday as we set out in our white minivan, sliding around on the ice with the beautiful white stuff all around us, Karissa was amazed. (Remember, she's 3 and we've lived in Alabama and Mississippi for the past 4 years. This is her first Yankee Christmas.)

She said...
"Did it snow in our land?"
"Does Alyssa live in our land?"
"Did it snow at Alyssa's house?"
"There's snow everywhere!"
when we got to school to pick up Kayla - 3 minutes from our house
"Mommy! It snowed at Kayla's school TOO!"

She just now walked up to me and said, "It changed into white outside." It did? "Yes! Like snow....come SEE it!" (It's the second day of snow and she still can't get over it.)

I'm cracking up at Karissa about everything this morning. She just got in trouble for disobeying me, and I gave her one of those spankings that you realize really should have hurt worse than it did. But she was convinced otherwise.

"OWWWWW! *sobbing* That Hourt! Mommy, You made my bottom SORE!"
(she said incredulously)

I literally hid my face and laughed. You'd think she'd get the idea by now that spankings are supposed to hurt.


What is it with my kids? I stop for just a moment to blog, and they go bonkers. Caiden just walked up to Karissa and bashed her on the head with his new prized Black and Decker hack saw. As soon as he did it, the reaction on his face was hilarious. I don't know if he was appalled at himself for doing such a vicious thing, or if he could tell from his mamma's face that he was in deep doo-doo. But his eyes got big his face said. "Uh-oh" and he promptly handed me the offending weapon as a peace offering.

It didn't work (another sore bottom), but it was adorable.

He's the singing-est 18 month old baby boy I've ever had. His latest song is "I'm in the Lord's Army." He sings it all the time. And I"m almost sure I've been hearing him singing Zaccheus. I'm trying so hard to get him to sing Away in a Manger so he can be so cute and sweet at Christmas. But NO! He has to sing Zaccheus and Lord's Army.... He won't ever show off for me, anyway. He only sings when he's tootin around the house or when no one is around. Right now he's composing his own song, based on Kayla's phonics blend book. How exciting.

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