Week in Cincinnati ~ Wolf Christmas

by sarahmfry, December 03, 2007
We had such a wonderful time in Cincinnati this past week. Deanna and Mark are in from Ireland (they pastor there), and Garen and Crystal were in from Pennsylvania (he's been in charge of a huge construction project there.) So we were ALL together again! We went to rehearsals and went shopping and made fun of each other and cooked together and laughed and cried....Oh yeah, and ate European chocolate!

One of the highlights was the night all of the siblings sat around the fire late at night talking, drinking coffee and giving our baby sis advice on guys.

And we had our Wolf Christmas. This is De and Mark's "Holiday" (British for vacation), and part of the fam is going to their world right after Christmas. So we had an early Christmas. Grandma came home from Scarlet Oaks. Dad read the Christmas Story and we prayed. The kids got spoiled rotten, as usual (actually - we all did!). Our family is blessed beyond what I can say. We have added the most absolutely wonderful siblings through marriage - it makes the whole mess richer and crazier! Mom and Dad just smile and listen to our incessant jabbering.

We do not take these moments for granted.

The dinner table - a sacred place for our family. Long after the meal is done, you'll find us still there, solving the world's problems and laughing at one another.

Reading the Christmas Story....

Hangin' out with Uncle Garen

Breakfast at Garen and Crystal's...their famous Waffles and Omelets!!

Caiden's very own new big boy bike.....his face says it all.

My first trip to the Cincinnati Freedom Center - the GBS Choir sang there on Saturday, and it was broadcasted live at Fountain Square.


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