Family Advent - Week 2

in , , , by sarahmfry, December 07, 2007
The first part of our family time was spent playing in our "winter wonderland." David came home early from studying to help us build showmen.
Caiden was hilarious - he moped around with his "blankie." He was mad because the snow was cold on his hands, but too stubborn to keep his gloves on. He'll learn.

Caiden Troy

Karissa Joy
Kayla Rose

We also made an attempt at a Christmas card picture. We're no longer perfectionistic about our cards. As long as they look fun and no one is standing on their head, it's a go. This is the card I'm considering. I know the girls aren't looking at the camera, so we may try to grab a snapshot again sometime later. Who knows.

We had so much fun playing in the snow - then we went inside to thaw our toes and warm up with some freezer pizzas, chocolate chip muffins (I'm infatuated with my new Jumbo muffin pan)- and of course - cocoa and cream.
Today's advent theme was JOY! It was Karissa's turn to light the candle - which we thought was appropriate because her middle name is Joy. Her name actually means "Gift of Joy."

Then, after some play time (and back to work for Daddy) we read Ordinary Baby, Extraordinary Gift and the kids went down for naps in preparation for our big night - the school Christmas play! Kayla is a talking lamb, and has a cute dialogue with a mouse. I'm pretty excited about seeing everyone's hard work.


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