Well Said......

by sarahmfry, November 29, 2007
As silly as some of you may think the House Fairy is, she sho' said it good today!

Here's the closing paragraph of an email she sent us today:

"One of the miracles of Christmas and all spiritual holidays is that whether we are prepared or not, none of us is denied the wonderful blessings that go with this time of year. The celebration does not depend on candy canes and plum pudding. You don't have to be organized to sing Christmas carols or offer gifts of love and companionship. Understanding can't be stuffed into a Christmas stocking. Forgiveness can't be charged on a Visa. Laughter cannot be gift-wrapped. Peace can't be strung on a tree or poured into a glass of holiday cheer. Forgiveness, understanding, laughter, and peace are not dependent upon decorations, feasts or even a certain time of year. These things are gifts of the Spirit; gifts that have already been given to every one of us. Join together like the grasshopper and the ants. Share the gifts of the Spirit and celebrate this holy time."
~ House Fairy

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