Christmas Tree Night!

by sarahmfry, November 21, 2007
One of our favorite traditions is putting up the tree. We pull many tubs from their storage and get to work. We bought our ornaments on clearance after our first Christmas together and we love them more every year.

One of our favorite parts is letting each kid hang the special ornament from when the year they were born. We are also crazy about our "city" ornaments, a collection of gold skyline ornaments from the awesome cities we have visited over the years.

Hot chocolate and some kind of treat are essential parts of our evening, as well as Christmas music. One of our all-time favorites is the Angel Tree Christmas CD.

After the tree is up, we pull every blanket in the house, along with the kid's 3 matching sleeping bags, into the living room...turn off all but the Christmas lights...and sleep under the tree together.

It's an awesome tradition, but it's kindof like camping: there is a moment somewhere around bedtime when you wonder whyin the WORLD you thought this would be fun and why on EARTH you're not in your own snuggly beds.

But after that moment passed, another stronger one came when I turned around on the pallet so I could see all of the kids easier. Kayla and I ended up holding hands as we laid by the tree.

We love Christmas Tree night.

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