A bunch of nothing.

by sarahmfry, November 09, 2007
Aahhh...a Friday morning at home with my babies. A pot of savory split pea soup boiling on the stove, Karissa sipping hot coffee, Kayla hot lemon tea - doing crafts on the kitchen table. My Zone Work is done. The baby is sleeping. Frank Sinatra is crooning us a tune....

Sorry, those of you who are irritated by sentimentality. But our household has its share of screaming, puking, fighting and stressful days. But it's a happy morning here. So I knew I'd better sit and blog quick before the peacefulness subsides.

I've been rather silent in blogosphere for awhile...I suppose I, for once in my life, made the good choice to keep my mouth shut when I had nothing valuable to say. Don't worry, it won't happen again.

I've been busy with some organizing projects around here which were desperately needed and have made my cluttered brain lose half its weight. Plus - my digital camera has been stranded in Cincinnati. I've felt a little lost without it. But it's back - Santa Clause brought me a bag of goodies from my mom yesterday.

I got a fun project done this morning - the scripture painted on Caiden's wall. His room is moon and stars. Thus the Scripture: "The Heavens declare the glory of God."

Hmm....what else? Not a whole lot. Been working at the school, trying to manage a home, and teaching lessons. I absolutely cannot believe we're already gearing up for our winter recital. I think this has been the fastest 6 months of my entire life. Seriously. Gone in a vapor of moving and working and settling into a new life.

I feel kinda sad - I missed all of the pumpkin patches this year. The first week of November, I was finally ready. I got out my paper of fall festivals in central Indiana and they had all ended on Oct. 31 - just 3 days too late.

So yesterday I got out my trusty brain (giant fridge calender) and penciled in some winter/Christmas fun stuff that I don't want to miss. Have you ever gotten to the other side of a Christmas season and realized that you never actually settled into it? Rushed past the fluffy snowflakes and crackling fires and sparkling lights and quiet dark Christmas tree living rooms? I have. But not this year. At 1,3,and 5 our kids are at stages that you simply cannot recapture later. So I have said no to some things (HARD for me to do, but getting easier), gotten rid of some things (truckloads, to be exact), and am planning some things. I ordered some exciting stuff yesterday for our Advent Sunday celebrations. Since I'm kindof a "resource junkie" I'll share some of those ideas later.

Hee hee...after I started this post, the baby woke up, drank all of Karissa's beloved coffee, joined us in the kitchen, choked twice on apples and peanut butter and spilled an entire bottle of frosty fingernail polish on the floor. Now I hear some screamage.... I'm off to rescue him. What a boy.

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